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 Discover why we are the areas longest continueally

running school for traditional Martial Arts






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Do you know the difference between Karate and other

Martial Arts?



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Important Schedule Changes
Thursday November 13th
Monday November 17th
Training with Master Ken
in Florida
Thursday November 27th
Happy Thanksgiving!
*This week's lesson focus:
      Beginners Classes - 
      Avanced Classes -
*Next week's lesson focus:
      Beginners Classes -
                         Circuit Training
      Advanced Classes -
                         Circuit Training 
*New Photos and Video coming soon. 

 This Month's



Ok, not a video....but some cool pictures from Stallings Fest 2014

Stallings Fest 2014




Back to School Fun Fact:


Karate will help you get into college.


In an interview for “The Kid’s Karate Workbork” Stephanie Bertagnole, an Admissions Officer and Freshman Advisor at the University of California, Berkeley, had the following to say about martial arts on college applications.


“The UC Berkeley admissions office views the martial arts as an excellent extracurricular activity.”

“A student who piles on activities or simply participates in a variety of activities radically differs from one who dedicates a significant amount of time to their activity and has earned a high level of achievement…”





 Please take the time to explore our site for additional information.  If you are not familiar with our school and your first encounter with us is online:  We would be pleased to hear from you!  Contact Us and let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.